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It might be difficult to wrap your head around it, but it is a fact that even today when people are using search engines so frequently, a significant number of search queries are totally new. This means that there are still plenty of queries out there that Google has never seen before, and if you have unique content, your website stands a very good chance of obtaining top rankings for these brand new (or long-tailed) search terms. This is where SEO comes into the picture and has become such an important part of digital marketing.

In Australia, it has become the norm for successful companies to invest in SEO as a primary marketing tool. Since Sydney has a lot of IT companies, and businesses that rely on digital marketing, it can be considered the Search Engine Optimization capital of Australia. No matter what kind of marketing you need for your company, it is not very difficult to find an SEO company in Sydney that fits the bill. Gone are the days when it was possible for companies to manage their own digital marketing or thrive solely on “real-world” marketing techniques because with all the changes rolled out by search engines, a thorough knowledge of the latest Google algorithm is necessary to succeed. It is not unheard of to see a website lose its place in search results overnight after a new algorithm is rolled out by Google.

Familiarity with the latest SEO standards is vital, as a single wrong move can undo all your hard work. For example, Google has always been fine with pop-ups on websites, but as per the latest Google algorithm any intrusive pop-up (for example a live chat pop-up in the middle of the screen, or an announcement that covers the screen entirely) can penalize your website. In addition to avoid these pitfalls, a good SEO company can also help you gather unique and high quality content for your website. As many SEO experts will tell you, content is king. If your site has unique and high quality content, it has a very good chance to tap into several niches that are easier to dominate in terms of page rankings.

To make sure your site has good content, the easiest rule is to read it yourself. If it seems helpful to you, there is a good chance that Google will consider it good as well. There are plenty of black-hat techniques that people employ to try and get to the coveted page 1 of Google quickly. These techniques have diminished in effectiveness with the passage of time, and we are now at a point when it will soon be nearly impossible to fool Google. The best course of action is to produce genuinely good content, and adhere to Google’s latest SEO standards.
Although there are a lot of other means for digital marketing, SEO remains the main method available to companies and growing businesses to become the best-known in their genre and stay ahead of the curve.

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